At Action Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic in Winnipeg, we offer our clients a broad spectrum of services to help you heal. If you're unfamiliar with what we treat and require more information, please see the FAQ page. 

Physiotherapy is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of physical injuries and movement problems.

Your physiotherapist will assess and tailor your treatment to you based on your needs and concerns.
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Vestibular rehabilitation is the assessment and treatment of balance and dizziness-related problems like inner ear or central nervous system disease.

Our physiotherapist will tailor your education and exercise program based on your needs.
Pilates & Yoga Training
Pilates and yoga-based exercises can be used to restore and improve your mobility, strengthen your core, and improve overall health. They are a great way to complement your physiotherapy!
Custom Orthotics
Custom Orthotics help to correct poor leg and foot biomechanics.

Custom orthotics may be covered by your insurance. Some require a prescription from a medical doctor, so you be sure to check your plan for coverage.
Acupuncture + Dry Needling
Acupuncture and dry needling are two different needling techniques.

With acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into specific areas of the body call acupuncture points and are left in.

With dry needling, thin needles are inserted to stimulate trigger points using a "pistoning" method.

If you aren't sure which is for you, ask your physiotherapist!
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of soft tissues of the body to enhance a persons health and well-being.

At Action, our massage therapists offer relaxation therapy, deep therapeutic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy massage.
Dietary Consultations
Your dietitian will work with you to tailor your consult to you. Whether you're coming in for nutrition information, weight loss or something related to chronic disease, let our dietitian help you eat well.
Athletic Therapy
Athletic therapy is not just for athletes! Athletic therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions from osteoarthritis to sport-related injuries.

Our Athletic Therapist will get you back to your activity or sport as quickly as possible. This is based on stages of healing and sport specific requirements.
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Virtual Therapy

What is it?


Virtual therapy is the use of video calling to discuss your concerns one-on-one with a therapist


How does it work?


Call us to book an appointment. Much like an in-house initial assessment, our therapist will be able to discuss your concern, assess your area of concern and provide you with advice as well as an exercise program.


How is it billed?


Due to the current situation around COVID-19, insurance providers have temporarily allowed billing of “virtual therapy” or “tele-rehabilitation” to your insurance. If you are not sure, call us and ask!

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